Wind project

Wind project

The 399 MW wind farm is placed at 22 km South-East from Tulcea city and covers a surface of approximately 1300 hectares in the unincorporated area of Tulcea city, Valea Nucarilor and Bestepe commune, the company holding all land property rights.

WIND PROJECTThe project encloses the farm with 133 plants and the associated connections, three 110/MT stations located within the farm's perimeter, one Transformation Station of 400/110 kV that is to be placed in the proximity of the existing station Tulcea West (reducing considerably the connection distance between the two stations) and the connection point in the transformation station Tulcea West through a 400 kV cell.

The equipment that is to be assembled is VESTAS V 112 of 3 MW generator type, designed for wind areas with low turbulence and medium speed winds. The main technical characteristics of the equipment:
- rotor: diameter - 112 m;
- hub - 119 m;
- generator: nominal power - 3.000 kW;
- wind plant height - 175 m (hub - 119 m and blade - 56 m).

The wind plant VESTAS V 112 carries on the success of the 3 MW devices of VESTAS Company, devices that are among the most often used wind plants in the global wind industry, with over 1.000 units installed over the world. Having the rotor diameter of 112 m, these are some of the biggest wind plants from VESTAS, available for onshore applications and have been designed to meet the immediate requests of Europe.

The wind study has been performed within 3 years with 4 IHNEN wind masts (2 x 65 m and 2 x 85 m), owned by FF Wind Energy International. These masts are still placed in the areas of Agighiol, Bestepe, Iazurile and Tulcea, still measuring the wind speed for the project level.

DEUTSCHE WINGUARD CONSULTING GMBH Company performs the data processing and analyses, the wind study result indicating an annual average speed of 7,4 m/s at 119m height..

The project implementing process is in an advanced stage of development. The grid connection agreement for the entire capacity is signed ad paid already, the regional Urban Planning (P.U.Z.) documentation is endorsed, and now we are making all necessary approaches in order to obtain the Building Permit (Romanian "Autorizatie de Construire"). Considering all determining factors, the project is estimated to be commissioned in 2014 - 2015.

As we advance in implementing the project, we will punctually update the site contents, specifying all significant progresses.